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National Transport Authority, IRELAND
Dublin's Leap Project Update June 2013

The budget assigned to the ITS project of € 55.4 million is considered adequate to complete the remaining tasks. Expenditure of € 53.5 million has been incurred on ITS phase 1 and 2 project specific activities to date.

Expenditure has commenced on phase 3 of the project which will include a range of new initiatives including introducing the Leap card scheme in Cork initially and then if funding is available the rest of Ireland.


Leap card sales and usage performance continued to grow with sales of well over 10,000 in May bringing the total cards in circulation to over 270,000. The ITS dedicated call centre and back office continue to perform well, no significant incidents were reported and the overall operations of the scheme remain stable and reliable.

The Authority ran a marketing campaign on local radio and print media with some free sites being provided by Transport operators. The impact will be analysed when the campaign is completed, it is too early to assess the extent of the impact at this point while the campaign is still running.

New developments

Products on Leapcards

Time based and journey based products will be phased in across all Scheme participants over the summer and early autumn months:

  • Payzone in-store equipment & have been upgraded to support product sales on Leap cards;
  • Bus Éireann (National Bus carrier) launched on two services in May;
  • Dublin Bus, Luas, Irish Rail, Bus Éireann and Matthews (a small private bus operator) continue testing new software to enable equipment to read products.

The pilot of the Autoload feature has been further expanded to approximately 500 users and continues to perform well.


Daily and weekly capping will be introduced on Irish Rail will be launched in June. This was planned for May but had to be delayed following difficulties Irish Rail experienced with a software upgrade of their vending machines to facilitate new € 5 notes and other upgrade work; however their upgrade is now completed. Dublin Bus plan to implement capping in August and the Authority intends launching city wide capping features in Q4 2013 to cover Dublin Bus, Irish Rail and Luas (Dublin's light rail).

Additional Private Bus Operators

  • Swords Express programme for roll out is progressing to 6 vehicles this month with a full roll out planned for July;
  • A programme for the implementation on other private operators will follow Swords Express; the Authority is in discussions with Collins Coaches and Citylink. Aircoach have still not responded formally to request to join the scheme although informal discussions continue;
  • A further 6 private operators have been contacted inviting them to join the scheme.

The Authority joint programme for integration with the free travel (FT) variant of the Public Services Card (PSC) with the Department of Social Protection is progressing well. A monthly steering group has been established with DSP and NTA representatives to ensure a smooth implementation.

Phase 3 activities

NTA is working with Cap Gemini and the Norwegian authorities in the development of a Proof \Of Concept to support transparent NFC where NFC enabled phones will be able to:

  • Stage 1 - read the card content through a back office process and return it to the phone;
  • Stage 2 - add previously purchased on-line top-ups or products to cards using an NFC App; and
  • Stage 3 - add value to the card using transparent NFC "instantly", i.e. not through an action list.

NTA hope to have something to demonstrate before the end of 2013.

NTA is also developing a range of other activities to enhance the Leap offering including:

  • Linking Leap with the City bike scheme;
  • Using Leap for other services, e.g. parking, events etc;
  • Rolling out Leap to other regional cities;
  • Seeking out opportunities for cross border interoperability with Northern Ireland.

There is little work on these other phase 3 activities as yet, but plans are being put in place for later in 2013 as resources become available.

Open Ticketing Institute, the Netherlands

In March 2013, the Open Ticketing Institute (OTI) has joined the Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum as a Non-Profit member. In April 2013 OTI was elected secretary to the Transport Special Interest Group. The NFC Forum (formed in 2004 with over 170 members) was formed to advance the use of NFC technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability among devices and services, and educating the market about NFC technology and fits therefore perfectly to the NFC activities of OTI. For additional information, please visit

Contactless payment cards used for one million bus journeys in London.

10 April 2013. One million bus journeys in London have now been paid for using a contactless debit, credit or charge card. This is an encouraging sign to Transport for London (TfL) that Londoners are keen to make the most of this easy and convenient way to pay for their travel. >>> read more


(((eTicket Deutschland Newsletter. >>> read more

Press release Smart Ticketing Alliance

28 June 2013. The Smart Ticketing Alliance will be established following the agreement of a charter by VDV KA (DE), ITSO (UK), AFIMB (FR), Calypso Networks and UITP. The Smart Ticketing Alliance will be a platform for European and global cooperation. The founders of the Smart Ticketing Alliance invite other national and regional ticketing schemes to join. >>> read more

Other Schemes

U.S. slow to board the contactless train

24 January 2013. Transportation for London (TfL) announced the rollout of contactless credit card readers on all of the city's 8,500 buses last month, enabling riders to charge their bus fare directly to their bank accounts. According to The Atlantic, this will be an interesting test case for the future of contactless payments in public transportation systems, particularly in the United States. >>> read more

Bangkok Bank and Bangkok Smartcard System launch the Rabbit debit and credit cards: all-in-one cards with ATM, travel and payment functions

20 February 2013. Bangkok Bank and Bangkok Smartcard System (BSS), a member of the BTS Group, have developed two new financial products, the "Be1st Smart Rabbit Debit card" and the "Bangkok Bank Rabbit Credit card". The innovative card technology has been developed in response to the needs of city residents and combines many functions in a single card. In addition to being credit or debit cards, they are also ATM cards, electronic cash cards and travel cards, which can be used for the BTS and other mass transportation systems. >>> read more

Orange releases Malaga NFC ticketing trial results

23 February 2013. 82% of participants felt that the NFC bus ticketing system was better than the current subscription-based system and 88% felt that it was a good way to be able to pay for their journeys. >>> read more

Kuwait buses test stickers

24 February 2013. Boloro Kuwait has completed a contactless payments pilot on public transit in Kuwait City. The trial, in partnership with mobile network Zain, saw customers use contactless stickers attached to their phones to pay for journeys on buses operated by Kuwait Public Transport Company (KPTC) and CityGroup. >>> read more

AIS to pilot NFC payments and transit in Bangkok

25 February 2013. Thailand's largest mobile network operator will be the first in Asia to test DragonFly, a next-generation SIM card from Oberthur that promises to provide mass transit operators with faster NFC transaction processing times. >>> read more

Metro looks into open payment system to replace SmarTrip

19 March 2013. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is working to procure a system that would simplify the process of paying for bus or train fare, turning it into a tap of a smart phone or credit card at a turnstile. >>> read more

Turkcell adds transit card to mobile wallet

17 April 2013. Turkish mobile network operator Turkcell has added the Urfakart transportation ticketing card to its Turkcell Cuzdan mobile wallet service. >>> read more

Madrid gets NFC bus stops

23 April 2013. Five hundred bus stops in the centre of Madrid have been equipped with NFC tags, allowing passengers to access arrival times and tourist information with their NFC phones. >>> read more

Google and Equity Bank launch NFC payments in Kenya

1 May 2013. The BebaPay service is now live on buses in Nairobi and a free app enables any Android NFC phone to be used as a card reader. >>> read more

Electronic ticketing arrives in Sydney

3 June 2013. Sydney is set to begin a trial run of its new electronic ticketing system, Opal. From June 14, passengers on the City Circle line will be able to test the new touch in/ touch out technology, which works on the same principles as London's Oyster system, ahead of a full launch. >>> read more

Russian carriers launch joint NFC ticketing service in Kazan

28 June 2013. Russian mobile network operators MTS, MegaFon, Vimpelcom and Rostelecom have launched a joint NFC public transportation service in the city of Kazan, in partnership with Transport Card and the GSM Association (GSMA). Subscribers can now pay for travel on the metro as well as on-ground public transportation with a tap of their mobile phone. >>> read more

NFC transport ticketing service to launch in Valencia

1 July 2013. Mobile network operator Orange has partnered with Valencia's department of infrastructure and transport to develop an NFC payment service for public transport in the region. The service is set to launch commercially by the end of this year in Alicante town and will then be expanded to the rest of Valencia in a step-by-step rollout. >>> read more


NFC Forum adds payments, retail, consumer electronics, healthcare and transport groups

25 January 2013. The NFC Forum has launched a special interest group (SIG) initiative with the creation of five groups focussed on key vertical markets. >>> read more

OSPT's CIPURSE: more than travel and tickets

8 April 2013. Watch as the OSPT Alliance demonstrates their CIPURSE offering and hear from the OSPT management, Giesecke & Devrient and Samsung how the CIPURSE offering is encompassing far more than just ticketing purchases. A whole new realm of possibilities now exist, including mobile purchases and loyalty solutions. >>> read more

Russia launches smart card based on NXP's SmartMX2 with banking, transport and eGov functionality

16 April 2013. NXP announced with ALIOTH, a Russian government and payment cards solutions provider, the launch of a multi-application contactless smart card solution product called SCOne based on NXP's SmartMX2 microcontroller with banking, transport ticketing and eGovernment functionality. >>> read more

Chunghwa Telecom to test NFC and QR combo payments platform

8 May 2013. Taiwan's largest telecommunications company, is to pilot test a digital wallet service that supports both NFC and QR codes, allowing subscribers to pay transport fares and for in-store purchases using the same wallet app, regardless of the type of phone they have. >>> read more

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