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NFC transit ticketing arrives in Dubai

27 September 2013. Public transportation users will be able to use an NFC phone to purchase and store tickets for use on Dubai's subway, buses and water bus services from next week, courtesy of a new service developed by the emirate's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). >>> read more

Contactless bank card success on London buses.

22 August 2013. Shashi Verma, Director of Customer Experience at Transport for London (TfL) speaks to Eurotransport to give an update on how the first phase of the network's contactless bank card roll-out has gone so far on London's 8,500 buses. Read the full article on page 30 in Eurotransport Issue 4.


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Norwegian public transport boom

22 August 2013. The Norwegian capital region has in recent years become Europe's most rapidly growing metropolitan area. A 2% annual population growth is outbalanced by a 5% growth in public transport journeys. Figures from 2012 indicate a 29% increase on 2007, whereas private car use in Oslo itself remains stable at 2005 levels. Read the full article on page 70 in Eurotransport Issue 4.

Innovation / NFC

Moscow subway to get NFC

5 July 2013. Moscow's Department of Transportation is planning to install NFC subway turnstiles for mobile payments later this year, according to Tass Telecom. >>> read more

NFC mobile ticketing to go live in Beijing

24 July 2013. The NFC mobile payments service introduced last month by China Mobile and China UnionPay will be commercially launched on public transport in Beijing next week, according to CCTV News. >>> read more

SingTel to offer NFC payments in Singapore and Australia

2 August 2013. Singapore-based mobile network operator SingTel has announced a partnership with Visa that will enable customers in Singapore and Australia, where it operates as Optus, to use its mCash mobile payments solution at any Visa PayWave acceptance point. mCash is a stored value proposition that allows subscribers to pay for transportation and make online purchases as well as conduct in-store and online transactions via NFC or SMS. >>> read more

Electronics retailer opens NFC and QR shopping walls in Russian subway

3 September 2013. Electronics retailer Media Markt has begun testing 'shopping walls' at a Moscow subway station, in partnership with the Moscow Department of Transportation. The concept makes use of both NFC and QR codes and will run until November. >>> read more

Has the time for multi-application smart cards finally come?

3 September 2013. There was a time in the not-so-distant past where "one card that would rule them all," was a hotly discussed topic. Credit, debit, transit, multiple loyalty schemes and possibly even identification would all be placed on to one smart card for use everywhere and anywhere. >>> read more

Metro delivers news to bus stops with NFC

4 September 2013. For the next three months out-of-home media owner Clear Channel is to make content from free daily newspaper Metro available via NFC at its 10,000 touchpoint ad panels around the UK. >>> read more

NFC mobile ticketing for public transport rolls out in Croatia

6 September 2013. Osijek is the first city in Croatia to commercially use NFC technology in their public transport system. After several months of successful testing , VIP, the first private mobile network operator in Croatia, a part of the Telekom Austria Group and a strategic partner of Vodafone, is offering its customers in Osijek the possibility of using a mobile phone as a monthly transport tickets on buses and trams. >>> read more

Austrian companies plan national NFC wallet standard

18 September. A group of financial, technology and telecoms companies have formed Mobile Wallet Initiative Austria, a new organisation that aims to create an open nationwide standard for NFC mobile wallets. A commercial launch is scheduled for 2014. >>> read more

Timeclock app uses any card

18 September 2013. Japanese developer Kokodas has introduced an Android time and attendance app that can be used to record when people check in and out of a location with contactless cards and a Google Nexus 7. >>> read more

Octopus pilots Sony FeliCa NFC payments in Hong Kong

14 October 2013. Hong Kong contactless transportation ticketing and stored value payments provider Octopus is conducting a mobile payments pilot in conjunction with mobile network operator PCCW-HKT, using Octopus Mobile SIMs, NFC-enabled SIM cards compatible with Sony FeliCa contactless card technology. >>> read more

News Corp runs NFC campaign in Sydney

16 October 2013. News Corp newspaper The Daily Telegraph is promoting its content using NFC and QR posters placed on the rear of the seats of more than 80 buses in Western Sydney, Australia, enabling commuters to download selected content from the newspaper's website. >>> read more

Rio de Janeiro launches pilot for public tranportation NFC ticketing with smartphones

18 October 2013. Rio de Janeiro will be the first city in Brazil to launch a pilot program enabling mobile NFC ticketing for public transportation. This innovative initiative is a pioneering partnership between RioCard Tecnologia da Informacao, Gemalto, Motorola Mobility and the country's four leading mobile operators, Claro, Oi, Telefonica and TIM, supported by the GSMA. Two hundred users of buses, trains and ferries have been selected to collaborate with these companies in this three-month pilot, which is expected to conclude in December 2013. >>> read more

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